We are a group of young engineers working on electrical and energy related issues. We started this firm for professional electrical engineering services and gradually extended our services to research and development works.

Our mission is to develop a low cost energy solution which would solve the severe energy crisis in Bangladesh. For that, we have initiated research work on renewable energy sources. We are now involved in development of portable small scale biogas plant in association with Institute of Energy, University of Dhaka. We are also exploring the feasibility of Stirling engine for Bangladesh. We also provide electrical design, electrical safety audit and energy audit for the industrial and commercial buildings. 

Surge Engineering is actively involved with local and international organizations. We are enlisted service provider of GIZ Bangladesh and CCEB project (an USAID funded project) for electrical and energy audit. We are also member of Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). Surge Engineering has developed the low cost motorized wheel chair to facilitate the physically disables people in cooperation with CRP (Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed).