Surge Engineering is involved in electrical design from industrial and commercial buildings since its inception. We do layout design and circuit diagram. We are keen to use cutting edge tools, software and equipment during design.

In Bangladesh, there is a misconception about the necessity of electrical design. Most people, being ignorant to the significance of the proper electrical, deny it. As a result, most of the industrial buildings are developed without proper electrical design; as a result we have soon several devastating accidents due to electrical fault.

We envision reducing electrical energy consumption through proper design. As an energy hungry country like Bangladesh, efficient use of energy has become a critical issue. We introduce state-of-the art automation technology, lighting fixtures with higher efficacy, proper layout of electrical equipment and there by ensure low energy consumption.

We analyze user requirement, evaluate and plan accordingly during electrical design. We consider the future expansion and safety factor so that the system always remains in a safe zone. We also redesign old and existing electrical system to accumulate the extended requirement.