Energy Audit is an attempt to balance the total energy inputs with its use and serves to identify all the energy sources in the system and quantify energy usages according to its distinct function. Energy Audit helps in energy cost optimization, pollution control and safety aspects and suggest the method to improve the operation and maintenance practice of the system.

Now a days Energy Audit has become a key factor in deciding the product cost at micro level. Energy audit takes more attention for the following reasons:

  • For identifying the quality and cost of various energy inputs.
  • For assessing present pattern of energy consumption in different cost centers of operations.
  • For relating energy inputs and production output.
  • For identifying potential areas of thermal and electrical energy economy.
  • Highlighting wastage’s in major areas.
  • For fixing of energy saving potential targets for individual cost centers.
  • For implementation of measures for energy conservation & realization of savings.

Bangladesh is starving for energy for a long time. The rapid economic growth is significantly hampered due to scarcity of quality energy sources. As we are an energy hungry nation, we don’t have the luxury to waste this precious energy. Here comes the necessity of energy audit in power & industrial sectors of Bangladesh.

Using proven method to diagnose energy loss and proper monitoring & efficient tools Bangladesh can save significant amount of energy. Energy Audit is the inspection & analysis of the energy flows of a process. This is done to ensure the efficient use of energy of the process. The approach of energy audit is to reduce energy loss and to introduce efficient method or tools to ensure optimum energy usage. Monitoring system is an integral part of this auditing.

Bearing this challenging situation in mind, Surge Engineering is working on Energy Auditing since its formation. We are Certified Energy Auditor (CEA) & member of Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). In Bangladesh, we are enlisted service provider of German Development Organization (GIZ) & CCEB (Catalyzing Clean Energy in Bangladesh- a USAID funded project).