Surge Engineering is keen to develop new products considering the market demand in Bangladesh. We want to bring a positive change in product development for the local market. Bearing in mind the social responsibility, we took to initiative to that serves the marginalized and socially deprived community.

Our first product is motorized wheel chair which we developed for the disabled patients at CRP (Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed). CRP has the facility to manufacture wheel chair for its patients which is hand driven. But for the severely injured patients, hand driven wheel chair is not suitable. Surge Engineering took the initiative to develop motorized wheel chair which could be controlled by joystick and powered by battery. The wheel chair is manufactured locally which ensures the easy maintenance and prompt support for the users.

Our second product is still under development phase. We are involved in development of a portable, small scale biogas plant in association with Institute of Energy, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. The biogas plant will be made from local material. Low cost and easy maintenance will be important features of this biogas plant.